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Our white papers and technical bulletins are written by industry experts from many different fields, exploring and commentating on a range of complex subjects.

BRC White Paper BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials Issue 5

We examine Issue 5 of the BRC standards for packaging and packaging materials, published in July 2015.

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Olive Oil White Paper Información Sobre el Aceite de Oliva en Todo el Mundo Requisitos de Etiquetado, Graduación y Calidad

Breve resumen de los reglamentos legales y normas voluntarias del sector; aproximación a los problemas habituales relacionados con la adulteración y la contaminación

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Multiplex Bioanalytical Testing Services Validation of a Multiplex Bead-Based Assay

With so many different cytokines being monitored in a single study,it is important to be able to detect many cytokines in a single process to save time, cost, and the volume of specimens. This process can be achieved using multiplexed detection via Luminex-based technology, enabling biomarker studies to be accelerated.

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RPAS Enabling Remotely Piloted Aircraft in Commercial Environments

We explore the challenges that arise when integrating remotely piloted aircraft systems into civil and commercial space.

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Cover photo for the white paper RPAS Risk and Human Error in Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems

We discuss the effect of human performance factors in risk management systems for remotely piloted aircraft.

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MRLS German version cover photo of white paper Pestizidrückstände in Lebens- und Futtermitteln: Weltweite Grenzwerte Verstehen, Überwachen und Einhalten

Wie Unternehmen, Die mit Lebens- und Futtermittel in der Eu, Den Usa, China und Japan Handeln, die Internationalen Vorschriften zu Pestiziden Einhalten Können

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ISO 26000 Understanding the ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Standard

We introduce the ISO 26000 standard on social responsibility and discuss the issues around managing sustainability within organizations.

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ISO/DIS 9001 ISO/DIS 9001 – O Que é Preciso Saber

Entenda melhor o conteúdo e as prováveis implicações das alterações propostas para os requisitos do sistema de gestão de qualidade da norma ISO/DIS 9001.

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Preview image of the whitepaper Supply Chain Management How Well Do You Know Your Supply Chain?

We surveyed key players in the food industry to understand current approaches to supply chain management – see what we found out.

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How and When to Use Multiple Techniques in Biophysical Protein Characterization How and When to Use Multiple Techniques in Biophysical Protein Characterization

Biophysical analysis has become increasingly important in the characterization of biologic drug candidates.

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