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From the end of the manufacturer’s assembly line, to delivery to the dealership, SGS can help you to ensure that your vehicles reach their destination in immaculate condition.

Highway in the dark

It is easily possible that cars, for example, can travel many thousands of miles by freight between the factory and the point of sale – so how do you verify that they are being transported according to best practice? How is it possible to tell that a defect on a delivered car happened before the car was shipped? Or during transit? Or even after it was delivered?

SGS can help. We have experienced and qualified inspectors who know the automotive industry intimately. Our inspection processes can be customized to meet your requirements, starting at the end of the assembly line. If, following our inspection there is a defect with the vehicle, it will be sent back to the appropriate part of the factory to be corrected.

During loading for delivery, our inspectors will ensure that the most appropriate procedures are followed so vehicles should not be damaged while being shipped. And, at unloading, or the vehicles’ final points of sale, SGS inspectors can be on hand to verify that everything is as it should be. If there is a fault or defect, it should be possible to ascertain where the defect was caused and how it happened. Everything is trackable and traceable. Our Logistic Chain Damage Inspection service is your independent and incontrovertible assurance of quality, from factory to forecourt.

Used car inspection

We have a similar service for cars that have come off lease. Thanks to a comprehensive and rigorous inspection, we can ensure that used vehicles are transported in good condition.