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Anti-corruption training from SGS – change the behaviors and mindsets of your employees and business partners to ensure your anti-corruption policies are embedded within your business.

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Training employees and key business partners worldwide is an essential part of any successful anti-corruption program. A good training program provides appropriate education and guidance on:

  • The risks and damages which can result from bribery
  • The circumstances in which bribery can occur
  • Your specific risks and the applicable laws
  • Regulations and internal policies required by international regulations

Training allows you to work on the mindsets and behaviors of your people and representatives worldwide, driving change throughout your organization.

Why choose anti-corruption training from SGS?

SGS offers a range of different training services to support you, depending on the nature and needs of your organization.

On-site training

Our on-site training options include:

  • Implementing an anti-bribery management system (based on the BS 10500:2011 standard)
  • Understanding the risks and challenges of corruption
  • Customized modules based on your specific requirements


E-learning is a powerful, efficient way of training staff and business partners worldwide. It is particularly appropriate for international organizations, with employees and operations in multiple locations.

Our e-learning solutions, developed in partnership with Global Advice Network, include:

  • E-learning modules tailored to your company’s corporate identity and its specific risks
  • A large database of cases drawn from business anti-corruption portal materials
  • Interactive quizzes, formal tests and surveys

Our e-learning modules are fully portable, so they can be hosted externally or integrated into your own learning management system.

Business partners training

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Bribery Act and other relevant regulations highlight the benefits of training business partners in anti-corruption regulations and your integrity program. We can help by conducting training sessions for your most exposed business partners. These sessions can be international, on-site sessions or e-learning sessions. They can be customized to meet the requirements of your specific programs.

Train-the-trainers training

Our train-the-trainers courses enable key staff members to become qualified tutors in your anti-corruption program. Getting your staff directly involved in training helps set the “tone from the top” in your organization.

We provide:

  • The content of the training
  • Tools for delivery, including presentations, handbooks, case studies and exercise materials
  • A detailed agenda, to keep the training well-organized
  • Advice on conducting exercises
  • Tips for introducing more advanced topics

Unrivaled experience in anti-corruption training

As a world leading provider of training programs, with experts specializing in anti-corruption services, we can provide you with the training that best suits your businesses needs.

Contact us today to find out how our training can help to ensure your anti-corruption policies are successfully implemented throughout your business.