Assurance services from SGS give your stakeholders confidence in the high standards of your operations.

Certification against the new ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 industry standards will demonstrate your organization’s adherence to best practice in quality and/or environmental management. Expecting the same high certification standards from your suppliers and others in your supply chain helps you to manage risk, operate faster and drive efficiencies.

Assurance services are independent third party assessments of your business activities, demonstrating that they are performed to specified levels or standards. Audit and assessment conducted by SGS demonstrate that:

  • Best practice systems are in place to manage quality, risk, safety and sustainability
  • Efficient use of resources means your business or suppliers are reducing costs wherever possible
  • Your procedures allow for growth, for you and your supply chain, as part of a long-term business strategy

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Iain Swinton, Business Director (UK and Ireland) for Land, ALcontrol, Flintshire, UK:

"We are seeing tangible results which are helping to provide competitive advantage and business resilience."

New ISO 9001

Mary Napier, Solicitor, McManus Kearney, Belfast, Northern Ireland:

"By meeting the ISO 9001 standard we got rid of some outdated procedures and became more streamlined and efficient."

iso=More than one million businesses worldwide are ISO 9001 certified. The new ISO 9001 standard increases the effectiveness of your quality management system by encouraging deeper risk-based thinking in line with your strategic direction and business context.

Certification against the new ISO 9001 standard demonstrates that:

  • Your organization has systems in place to deliver consistently high quality products and services
  • Risks are continually managed to protect customers, employees and your supply chain
  • Data-driven decision making processes are at the heart of your business activities

Now is the ideal time to demonstrate your customer focus. Renew your organization’s ISO 9001 quality management system certification to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 with SGS.

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New ISO 14001

Richard Giles, Safety & Environment Manager, Premier Foods, Kent, UK:

"ISO 14001 certification is a big plus for us, mainly in terms of protecting the environment and demonstrating our commitment to environmentally responsible production."

ISO 14001 banner
More than 300,000 businesses worldwide are ISO 14001 certified. The new ISO 14001 standard supports you in proactively implementing environmental protection initiatives such as sustainable resource use and climate change mitigation while evaluating full product life cycles.

Certification against the new ISO 14001 standard demonstrates an organization’s:

  • Focus on reducing environmental risk and building stakeholder confidence
  • Your business is up-to-date with the latest legislative requirements
  • Commitment to drive sustainability by improving efficiency throughout its operations

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