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Home Improvement Product Development

Target the creation of value to provide consumers with deliverable, safe, and sustainable home improvement and DIY products.

Consumer satisfaction is key to success in the home improvement and DIY market. We will help you to target the creation of value, so you can provide consumers with desirable, safe and sustainable products, while saving time and money and accelerating your speed to market.

Why choose home improvement product development services from SGS?

We provide a range services to help you create products that meet customer demands. These include:

  • Consumer panel studies
  • Benchmark testing
  • Qualification testing

Consumer Panels

Gain insight into consumer opinion so that you can make informed decisions on product design, discover how you can improve customer satisfaction and make your product a success. Our consumer panel studies also help you to understand how your product compares with those of competitors and how it is positioned in the market.

Our consumer panel services can include evaluation of the following consumer experiences:

  • Installation (novice DIYer and/or professional)
  • Manipulation of and interaction with packaging
  • Finishing
  • Product cleaning
  • User experience

We can also tailor-make programs to delvier live statistics based on your own queries.

Benchmark Testing

Compare your product to others in the market. Benchmakring provides you with quantifiable results that you can use as a point of reference when creating product specifications. This will enable you to attain the level of quality, through development or sourcing, that you need to reach your desired position in the market.

benchmark testing

Our benchmark testing is based on physical and performance testing. We can create a tailored test program to focus on the criteria that are most important to you.

Qualification Testing

Ensure the right balance between price and quality during supplier selection with qualification testing. Our service provides you with quantifiable results that allow comparison between products during the supplier-product selection process, or your multi-proposals development.

This enables you to verify that a product reaches the target values of your product specifications. It’s an extra way help you select the product that you will propose to your customers.

The quantifiable and repeatable values derived from qualification testing can be used to ensure that the product characteristics will be consistent across its lifespan.

Unrivaled Product Development Services from a Leading Provider

We are a world leading provider of services for the home improvement and DIY industry, approved by COFRAC and CNAS.

Contact us to learn more about our product development services.

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