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Covid-19 Pass

Ensure that strict privacy standards continue to protect personal health data in a post-COVID-19 world.

ICC AOKpass offers strict privacy standards for COVID-19 compliance in the public interest.

Public authorities and private sector businesses seeking to drive COVID-19 recovery efforts are now balancing data privacy protections against the public health interest.

A global partnership between International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), International SOS and SGS has developed ICC AOKpass. ICC AOKpass is a system enabling the trusted recognition of individuals’ COVID-19 compliance status while maintaining the highest levels of privacy preservation over user data.

As different jurisdictions continue to debate what defines 'COVID-19 compliance status' and the underlying health data needed for verification, the ICC AOKpass is currently the only technical and standards-based solution.

Why choose ICC AOKpass?

ICC AOKpass:

  • Acts as a strong standard that can be truly global and recognized to facilitate the flow of goods and people  
  • Balances the need for COVID-19 recovery efforts to be supported by accurate and dynamic information relating to the compliance status of individual citizens, with individual rights to privacy
  • Enables individuals to verify their compliance status to authorities while maintaining strict privacy and control over their personal data at all times
  • Provides an immediate technical solution that can continue adapting to regulatory frameworks, medical science and international best practice as they evolve
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