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Geochemistry On-Site Laboratories

Optimizing mine efficiency through reliable data.

Optimize your operation, meet contract requirements and ensure environmental compliance with our comprehensive range of on-site geochemistry solutions.

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Efficient and financially viable mining operations require accurate and reliable data to help managers optimize their processes and ensure contractual and regulatory compliance.  

With a global network of specialists, we are ready to help support you with advanced on-site geochemical analysis. From exploration to operation, our on-site teams provide data that will help you gain the high-level insights you need to make informed management decisions. Our services allow you to fine-tune every stage of your value chain with solutions that support exploration, mining, mill and plant operations, smelting, and tailings disposal.  

Our services can be customized to your individual requirements and are delivered by industry recognized experts. Whatever your requirements and wherever you operate, we can help you to develop and implement the right on-site laboratory for your operation.

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