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Why On-Farm Forages and Grains Are Among Your Most Valuable Assets

Why On-Farm Forages and Grains Are Among Your Most Valuable Assets

The Growth of Biostimulants and How to Prove Your Products Efficacy

Biostimulants are a rapidly growing new type of product that help improve a plant’s natural processes.

Accelerated Seed Testing for North American Cross-Border Exports

SGS boasts an unmatched array of North American accreditations to support our Canadian and American seed industry clients, helping these customers transport seed for packaged sales and seed multiplication throughout the world.

Optimizing Sustainable Crop Production with Soil and Tissue Analysis

Learn all about the latest must-follow soil and plant tissue analysis methods.

SGS Extends Testing Portfolio Through Partnership with RLP AgroScience, Germany

Our service portfolio within the chemical, biocide, pesticide and pharmaceutical segment expands with 14C studies through a partnership with the GLP certified test facility RLP AgroScience GmbH in Germany.

SGS Compatibility Testing for Microbial Inoculants on Treated Seeds

Improve nitrogen uptake and crop yields, even where growing conditions are not ideal.

Precision Agriculture Website Launched to Help Farms to Grow Crops Smarter

A new, online resource designed for the agricultural sector has been launched offering easy to apply content and solutions to help farmers to increase yields, optimize harvest and maximize income.

SGS Creates Turnkey GLP Seed Treatment Testing Service in France

Our new turnkey solution for seed treatment trials helps agriculture operatives comply with regulatory requirements for safety.

SGS Launches New Microbiological Analysis Service to Improve Soil Productivity and Sustainability

This new service will help farmers to improve productivity, soil sustainability and product quality.

SGS Launches Precision Farming and Fertility Management Services in Colombia

Precision farming and fertility services in Colombia help farmers improve productivity, efficiency, soil sustainability, and product quality.