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Toy Updates: October 2020

When placing toys on the market in the EU one needs to respect the language requirements of each Member State.

Safety Problems Associated with Buying Toys Online

With market surveillance surveys questioning the safety of toys bought online, we look at a recent report by TIE and consider what can be done to improve compliance with EU toy safety requirements.

Wireless Technology and the Impact of COVID-19

A look at how COVID-19 lockdowns have impacted our use of wireless technology and the importance of meeting consumer expectations.

What Happens When A Battery Dies?

As our lives increasingly become dominated by electronic gadgets, we look at the best ways to dispose of batteries at the end of their life.

Seasonal Lights Staying Safe at Christmas

As the evenings begin to draw in, many of us are starting to think about the beautiful festive decorations that light our homes and cities during December.

What to Wear When Working from Home

With many of us working from home because of COVID-19, we look at how homeworkers can dress for comfort and success.

Making Camping Safe: Tent and Sleeping Bag Flammability

‘Staycationing’ is the perfect response to COVID-19 lockdowns. We look at fire safety and what standards tents and sleeping bags should conform to in North America.

Changes in the Detergent Market: The Importance of Performance Testing

Despite growth, the detergent market is changing. We look at the importance of performance testing for today’s detergent manufacturers.

What Makes a Good Paint?

With more people undertaking DIY projects during lockdown, we consider what makes a good quality paint.

PPE Services – New Capacity and Capabilities in Finland