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How is Connectivity Impacting Cybersecurity?

A look at the key trends in security standards as we move towards a more connected world.

How Do You Know if a Cosmetic Product Contains Fragrance Allergens?

A look at allergenic fragrances in cosmetic products and the EU scope expansion to Regulation 1223/2009.

Toy Updates: December 2021

Explore requirements for button and coin cell batteries.

SGS in Istanbul Expands Testing Capabilities for Specific Migration of Primary Aromatic Amines in Food Contact Plastics

Focusing on SGS’s food contact materials laboratory in Istanbul, which expanded testing the specific migration of PAA in food contact plastics

How Demands for Sustainability Are Impacting the Consumer Electronics Industry

A look at the drivers and solutions for improving sustainability in the consumer electronics market.

How Digitalization is Helping Consumers Find the Perfect Clothing Color

A look at digitalization in the color approval process.

Safety First in Gas Appliances

How the SGS North American (NA) Listed Mark helps build consumer trust in gas appliances.

How Digitalization is Helping Governments Beat Fraud in International Trade

A look at how modern technology is being used to prevent the under and over invoicing of internationally traded goods.

Toy Updates: September 2021

Brexit is a fact, but what is actually changing when exporting toys to the UK?

Bathroom Renovations: Saving Water with High Quality Plumbing Products

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates household leaks waste one trillion gallons of water a year. The key to stopping this wastage is high quality domestic plumbing.