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SGS Exprimo Launches Platform to Provide Modeling and Simulation Solutions for Clinical Trials

SGS has announced the launch of Simulo®, an in-silico modeling and simulation platform for complex clinical trial simulation.

Central and Eastern Europe, the Growing Opportunistic Location to Perform Oncology Clinical Trials

Two decades on since clinical trial services started to expand in Central and Eastern-European countries, the region is still in a position to offer unique characteristics and well recognised features that maintain the location as a focus for innovative drug research trials.

How Oncology Drug Development can be Optimized Thanks to Early Phase Patients and Trials

In order to optimize development of new treatments for cancer, we must shorten the time of development, while reducing the overall costs and the number of failed attempts.

Early Phase Clinical Trials in Patients: A Multi-Site Hospital Partnership Model for Reliable Patient Recruitment in Complex Trials

The SGS satellite network, a multi-site hospital partnership model for early phase investigative patient trials, has a proven track record of meeting patient recruitment objectives.

Sputum Induction Method to Optimize Respiratory Patient Clinical Trial

Sputum induction has long been established as the best available non-invasive method to evaluate airway inflammation.

Overcoming the Challenges of Benefit Risk Assessment for Established Products

The lecture described below was delivered at the 28th DIA Euromeeting in Hamburg Germany, on April 7, 2016.

A Consideration of H1N1/09pdm and New Variant H3N2/13 as Agents For Human Challenge Trials

Seasonal epidemics of mild or attenuated influenza sweep the globe twice per year – typically from December to February and April to September in the in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres respectively – resulting in 111 million days of working days lost to illness p.a. in the USA alone.

Early Phase Clinical Trials in Patients with Hepatic or Renal Impairment: From Design to Data Analysis

FDA and EMA guidances are intended to help companies evaluate the need for conducting PK studies in Renal Impaired and Hepatic Impaired patients and to provide guidance on how to best assess the influence of renal impairment (RI) or hepatic impairment (HI) on the pharmacokinetics of an investigational drug.

Utilizing Data and Key Performance Indicators to Successfully Execute a Phase III Influenza Treatment Clinical Trial

SGS was recently engaged in a global Phase III influenza treatment clinical trial, providing both overall project management and study monitoring.

Early Phase Pharmacodynamic Models for Respiratory Drug Candidates

Over the last several years the prevalence of respiratory diseases saw a strong increase, and there are now approximately 500 million patients today worldwide.