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The Secure Data Office Concept

How does the Secure Data Office concept work for PK/PD data?

How Can Modeling And Simulation Fuel the Clinical Development of Biosimilars?

Efficient use of modeling and simulation (M&S) means decisions can be made which increase the probability of a successful outcome for biosimilar studies by integrating public domain information and in-house data.

SGS and Bavarian Nordic to Develop a Novel and Differentiated Challenge Model for RSV

SGS has entered into collaboration with Bavarian Nordic A/S, to develop a new respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) challenge strain.

SGS Strengthens Clinical Research Consultancy to Accelerate Drugs Through Early Phase Development

SGS consolidates clinical research consultancy services to improve support for companies bringing compounds from the non-clinical to the clinical phase of development.

SGS Successfully Implements Oracle Argus Solution for Drug Safety & Regulatory Compliance

SGS today announced that it has successfully implemented the market leading Oracle Argus database in response to changing pharmacovigilance requirements for processing solicited and unsolicited Adverse Events (AEs).

SGS Announces Results of First-In-Human Studies Using Novel Virus as Experimental Challenge Agent

SGS announced the successful completion of a Phase I clinical trial of a new strain of influenza virus in healthy volunteers.

Taking the Fight to Influenza: a New H3N2 Challenge Virus is Born

Influenza viruses are commonly used in human challenge studies. Both the viruses and the disease they cause are well understood, and the induced illness is short-lasting.

SGS Implements New Oracle Argus Safety Database

SGS implements a new in-house database enabling ongoing monitoring of medicinal product’s safety profile.

How to Ensure the Successful Design of First in Human (FIH) Clinical Trials

A key step in translational science is the move from animal and other preclinical studies to initial human testing, discover how our experts help to reduce uncertainty for First In Human trials.

SGS to Establish Phase I Patient Clinical Pharmacology Unit at Medical Center of Defense Hospital in Budapest, Hungary

SGS has signed a partnership agreement with the Medical Center of Defense Forces Hospital to operate a dedicated unit for conducting Phase I inpatients clinical trials with a focus on oncology studies.