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GRI Content: G4-18, G4-28


SGS has published an annual sustainability report for the past eight years, and we are committed to providing stakeholders with accurate and timely updates on our activities and our performance. Stakeholder and societal interest in sustainability continues to accelerate, with existing and prospective employees, customers, investors, suppliers and business partners interested in learning about how SGS is delivering value to society.

We are continuing to evolve our reporting in line with our business activities and stakeholder interest in sustainability at SGS. In recent years, we have increased access to our reports by making content available online, and, while we accept that we have more work to do to make the content more accessible and user friendly, we are pleased to be able to provide comprehensive reporting that is aligned to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) “G4” Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.

Our performance is disclosed on a five year basis. Sometimes, historical data may differ from what has been reported in previous reports due to more accurate data being available or improvements in the gathering and/or reporting processes. Any variation in data below 5% is considered not material unless evaluated as sufficiently important according to the SGS Sustainability Team and our external auditors. In such cases, changes will be justified and explained in the corresponding section or chart of the report.

As of 2015, we no longer publish a separately designed sustainability review. Instead, we integrate sustainability content into the SGS Annual Report and we have provided more detail on our approach through a restructured and updated online sustainability report which is supported by an accompanying data bank and a selection of case studies.

SGS supports the principle of integrated reporting and we are committed to working towards this goal. Building on the solid progress we have made on measuring our value to society, we have taken a step closer to integrated reporting in 2016 with our Business Materiality Matrix, which combines the outputs of our sustainability materiality and business risk assessment processes. 


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  • Reporting Scope

    The scope of the Report covers all regions and business lines of the SGS Group for the 2016 calendar year (see pages 218-221 of the Annual Report for a full listing of affiliates). Unless stated otherwise, our reported data scope covers the Group business.

  • Reporting Standards

    We strive to produce a report that is fair, transparent and balanced, and meets the needs of our stakeholders. This report has been developed using the AA1000 Accountability Principles Standard and the Global Reporting Initiative’s “G4” guidance to help us identify, prioritize and respond to sustainability challenges, and facilitate comparison with other organizations. For the fourth year running, we have prepared our Report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 Guidelines, Comprehensive option – see Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for more details.