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GRI Content: G4-EN7, G4-PR5

Over the past two years, we have conducted a study to examine our role in helping our customers to reduce their carbon intensity. We began by estimating the CO2 emissions of our customers in our Industrial and Agriculture business lines and considered how much our customers had reduced their emissions. We then calculated the extent to which our services had contributed to these reductions in CO2. The study estimated that the activities of our customers on fertilizers usage and fuel distribution through pipelines emit 3.7 million tonnes of CO2. With our Pipeline Integrity and Precision Farming services in 2015 we helped our customers to reduce their CO2 emissions by 17%. Other SGS services that directly contribute to CO2 emissions reductions for our clients relate to energy efficiency in buildings, such as renewable energy feasibility studies, energy audits, energy performance certificates and ISO 50001 certification. In addition, Search SGS provides a range of specialist advisory services and engineering expertise on sustainable buildings. We also provide cradle-to-cradle product certifications for companies committed to the development of a circular economy.

We expect demand for such services to increase given increased regulatory obligations on companies and the expectations being placed on them by society to help develop products and services that contribute to sustainable development.

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Our customer opinion survey, ‘Voice of the Customer’ helps SGS to understand and respond to customer interests, suggestions and expectations. This annual survey, which is usually conducted in the second quarter of the year, covers areas such as quality of service, technical capabilities, turnaround time, administrative support, reporting, satisfaction in queries being dealt with, courtesy and value for money. Our 2014 survey, which was answered by more than 7,200 customers, achieved an overall score of almost 88%, indicating satisfaction levels of good to very good. We will report on 2015 figures in our next sustainability report.

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