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  • Leadership

    • During 2015, more than 12 leadership visits were conducted for every hundred employees compared to 9 in the previous year.

  • Communication

    • In 2015 we added three new Rules for Life: dangers of engulfment and suffocation, control of work around mobile equipment, and getting out of the line of fire.

  • Training and Awareness

    • During 2015, a total of 1,071,353 hours were invested in OI training for SGS employees.

  • Resources and Skills

    • In 2015 we appointed an OI communications manager in our global headquarters and we established an industrial hygiene (IH) team which operates globally and comprises experts in clinical health and hygiene.

  • Key Performance Indicators

    • During 2015, we launched and implemented Crystal 2.0, a streamlined version of our reporting tool, across the network. This resulted in 21,644 incidents being reported into Crystal in 2015 compared to 7,885 cases in 2014
    • 2015 showed remarkable improvement in our OI performance across the Group, with:
      • Lost Time Injury Rate (LTIR) down 37% to 0.38 in 2015 (from 0.60 in 2014)

      • Total Recordable Incident Rate down 41% to 0.65 (from 1.11 in 2014)

      • Motor Vehicles Incident Rate down 11.36%

    While we are very reassured by this performance, we are sad to report that there were two fatalities (involving one employee and one subcontractor) during the year. These resulted in investigations being conducted and awareness about the SGS Rules for Life reinforced across our network through field-based examples.

  • Audits and Compliance

    • In 2015, the Corporate HSE auditing program has been re-launched. During the year, audits were conducted by an internal team of 19 certified HSE auditors and the findings are reported to the executive management team.