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2014 saw another year of solid growth fuelled by strong performance in most business lines and an active program of acquisitions. Despite persistent economic challenges in Europe and in the global minerals sector, we achieved organic growth of 4% and a stable adjusted operating income margin of 16.1%. For more information on our economic performance this year, please see our Annual Report.

Our Green Book reveals that in 2014 the sustainability performance of our operations has remained steady against 2013, representing around 6.5% of revenue in our trend countries, based on costs such as electricity consumption, natural turnover and sickness absence. These costs are being tackled through around 250 sustainability projects in our affiliates around the world.


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  • Progress on Our 2014 Commitments


    2014 CommitmentStatusUpdate on Progress
    Expand our Green Book to cover external impacts and costs, and share our learning and expertise with peers in 2014 Achieved We have started to share the methodology used to create our Green Book with other companies that are interested in developing financial metrics around their sustainability performance
    Address specific sustainability priorities in our affiliates through targeted sustainability workshops in 2014 Achieved During 2014, sustainability workshops took place in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, South Africa and Uruguay. The main sustainability topics discussed related to employee turnover, energy efficiency in buildings, and waste management

  • SGS Group Statement of Economic Value Generated and Distributed


    Generated (CHF million)           Distributed (CHF million)   
    Revenue 5,883    Employee wages & benefits 2,891
    Financial income               17 Operating expenses 2,017
    Shareholders and Lenders*                  617
    Government    267
    Community        1
    Retained    107
    Total 5,900           Total 5,900

    *Dividends due to non-controlling interests and to shareholders as proposed by the Board of Directors

  • Our 2015 Commitments

    • Work with colleagues across the business to agree priorities and actions informed by the Green Book at functional and local levels
    • Address specific sustainability priorities in our affiliates through targeted sustainability workshops in 2015
    • Continue to evolve our approach to measuring our net contribution to society through our NVA+ methodology
    • Launch an internal campaign to engage employees in understanding their wider contribution to society through our services and operations