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The SGS Code of Integrity and Employment policy underline our commitment to diversity and equal opportunity in our employment relationships.

We focus on finding the right person for the right job and base all aspects of our employment relationships on the principle of equal opportunity. All SGS employees must be treated and evaluated solely on their job-related skills, qualifications, behavior and performance. Discrimination is not tolerated.

The Chief Compliance Officer has overall responsibility for managing compliance with the Code and performance is reported to the Professional Conduct Committee. See How we Manage Human Rights for more information on our processes for reporting and managing non-compliance with the Code.

The Senior Vice President Human Resources is responsible for managing compliance with the Employment policy and ensuring that the company maintains up-to-date records on recruitment, training and promotion which provide a transparent view of opportunities for employees and their progression within the organization.


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  • Raising Employee Awareness

    All employees and managers are trained in the principles of non-discrimination as part of our mandatory annual integrity training. In certain affiliates, for example in South Africa, formal training on non-discriminatory practices will be covered as part of the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment requirements.

  • Reporting Violations

    We encourage employees and other stakeholders to report suspected cases of discrimination through our global integrity helpline. In addition, we have a confidential hotline dedicated to reporting potential cases of discrimination in the US. Where cases of discrimination are identified, we conduct investigations and provide recourse for employees.

    Cases of suspected discrimination reported via our integrity helplines are monitored by the corporate Compliance team and data is presented to the Professional Conduct Committee. In 2014, four cases of discrimination were reported via our helplines but all of these have not been proved.

    Our Investigation Network investigated three suspected cases of sexual harassment at work. Of these, none were upheld (one closed as lacking substance and two are still under investigation).

  • Valuing Diversity

    SGS establishes programs to promote diversity across our global network. For example, our HR Discovery Pass fast-tracks high potential HR professionals through a series of six-month placements in different regions to experience our diverse network of skills, languages and cultures. Some regions also engage in programs designed to empower women within and outside the company. For example, SGS India celebrates International Women’s Day on March 8 through a series of events aimed at improving self-esteem and self-awareness. During 2014, SGS France launched an internal disability awareness campaign. (See case studies on diversity in our 2014 Sustainability Review.)

  • Community Outreach

    Through our community initiatives we aim to encourage and support efforts to build a climate of tolerance and equal access to opportunities such as adult education programs and health and childcare services. (See our case study in our 2014 Sustainability Review on how SGS Colombia is delivering an education program aimed at empowering communities).