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The provision of services related directly to sustainability is worth millions in revenue to SGS. Sustainability services are part of ‘business-as-usual’ for us and are totally integrated into the strategy of each business line, instead of needing a separate ‘sustainability’ strategy and accounting line. 

The services we offer reflect customers’ needs. Inevitably during the economic downturn, demand for services directly related to more immediate sustainability concerns, such as product safety, has been higher than for more discretionary services, reflecting end-consumer price sensitivity. We have also been offering a wider range of sustainability services in developing economies, in response to the growing interest in such services in Africa in particular.


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  • Supporting Sustainable Lifestyles

    Our services touch almost every aspect of sustainable lifestyles. Here are some examples:

    Topic Examples
    Preserving natural resources
    • SGS is an Accredited Certification Body for the new Indonesian Timber Legality Assurance System to support the legality of the international timber trade
    • In Liberia, we are helping the government to monitor and manage the forests and the timber chain of custody
    Controlling pollution
    • In Australia we provide regular monitoring services to mines and baseline studies on contaminants in the Darwin and Mackay Harbors to control water pollution
    • We provide ISO 17025 accredited stack testing, at sites such as incinerators and power stations, to help control air pollution
    Ensuring product safety
    • We test toys for chemicals and restricted substances in compliance with the chemical provisions under the new European Union Toy Safety Directive
    • Our technical experts and toxicologists check cosmetics are safe to use
    Promoting energy efficiency
    • We provide energy management services to our customers
    • SGS Germany GmbH issued the first ISCC PLUS certificate for renewable fuels of non-biological origin for the renewable methanol plant of Icelandic company Carbon Recycling International (CRI)
    • We conducted a study of netbooks and tablets to help product designers create lower energy consumption devices
    • We provide a variety of services related to energy efficiency in buildings, such as renewable energy feasibility studies, energy audits, energy performance certificates and ISO 50001 certification. In summer 2013, we provided LEED consultancy services to the SABIC China Research Development Centre in Shanghai, China
    Enabling sustainable transport
    • We test components of electric cars, such as batteries, to support safety, reliability and innovation 
    • In 2013 we published a guide on regulatory issues and keeping up-to-date with best practice to help manufacturers design electric vehicles of the highest standard
    Securing a sustainable food supply
    • We combat fraud by conducting species identification analysis on meat and fish 
    • We provide training on food hygiene
    • We publish white papers on key topics, such as the current state of global seafood stocks and how to meet demand sustainably
    • SGS is an approved certification body for UTZ, a program for sustainable coffee, tea and cocoa farming
    Supporting supply chain management
    • For a major beverage company, we provide supplier audits against their supplier code to identify non-compliances and support continuous improvement  
    • For a major technology company, we are retained to conduct supply chain audits, including checking social and environmental impacts and labor conditions
    Supporting healthcare
    • We conduct biosafety testing for vaccines to ensure they are free of potential contaminants
    Strengthening safety
    • We provide OHSAS 18001:2007 training for all levels of ability and awareness
    • In January 2013, we presented at the Renewable UK Health and Safety Conference on reducing safety risks associated with wave and tidal energy projects
    Managing waste
    • At our seven Paper and Packaging laboratories, located in the US and Asia, we test packaging for chemical residues, biodegradability, life cycle impacts, carbon footprint and eco-labeling

  • Services with Indirect Sustainability Benefits

    Other services may have indirect sustainability benefits. For example, we might offer a service which replaces paper-based documentation with electronic versions to increase security and process efficiency but this will also reduce materials use and transportation of documents. Our non-destructive testing capabilities enable us to test without causing damage, reducing waste. Our corrosion monitoring services for oil pipes and storage tanks prevent leaks and potential sources of pollution.