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We are aware that our various stakeholders are interested in different information from our Sustainability Report. We have adapted our approach to reporting in 2013 to increase the readership of the Sustainability Report and to help us cover the depth of content required for the new Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) ‘G4’ Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. This online Sustainability Report covers our management approach, performance data and future commitments in detail, while our shorter 2013 Sustainability Highlights document includes selected case studies on a range of initiatives during 2013. Please let us know your thoughts on our Report this year by completing our short Feedback Survey.


This webpage includes information on “G4” General Standard Disclosures G4-17, G4-18 and G4-23. See Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for further details on the alignment of the Sustainability Report to “G4”.

The content of this webpage has been verified and assured.


  • Reporting Scope

    The scope of the Report covers all regions and business lines of the SGS Group for the 2013 calendar year (see pages 128-131 of the Annual Report for a full listing of affiliates). Unless stated otherwise, our data reporting scope is limited to trend countries to enable us to confidently report on accurate and reliable performance data. For proprietary reasons, we do not name our trend countries. We are working to extend the scope of trend countries so that in 2015 we will be able to report on data representing more than 91% of Group revenue and 92% of headcount (compared with three-quarters of revenue and two-thirds of headcount in 2013).

  • Reporting Standards

    We strive to produce a report that is fair, transparent and balanced, and meets the needs of our stakeholders. This report has been developed using the AA1000 Accountability Principles Standard and the Global Reporting Initiative’s ‘G4’ guidance to help us identify, prioritize and respond to sustainability challenges, and facilitate comparison with other organizations. This year, our Report has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative’s new ‘G4-Comprehensive’ Guidelines – see Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for more details. As an ‘early-adopter’ of this approach, this has not been without its challenges, and was a factor in our decision to migrate our reporting to the web to achieve the necessary depth of coverage. Nevertheless, the Guidelines have proved particularly helpful in focusing our reporting on the most important aspects to our stakeholders and our business.