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  • Natural Turnover

    Natural turnover increased by 3.6% against 2012 to 14.2%, and remained one of the highest areas of spend in our Green Book. This figure reflects more accurate reporting from certain affiliates. Performance varies between affiliates, with turnover remaining low in Europe due to the economic situation and increasing slightly in countries where it has been high historically. In one of our affiliates the increase can be explained by office relocation.

  • Equal Employment Opportunity



    The equal opportunity ratio remained stable at 0.65, while the total number of female employees and female managers increased by 3.1% and 3.4% respectively. The proportion of female managers to female staff increased in the same proportion as that of male managers to male staff.

  • Sickness Absence Rate


    Sickness absence rate remained stable at 1.52%. The Global Corporate Challenge initiative, first launched in SGS in 2013, will continue in 2014 to encourage more of our employees to follow healthy lifestyles.

  • Training


    This ratio increased by 4.3% against 2012 to 0.72%. The average hours spent on training per employee increased by 5.2% to 30.25. This reflects a greater focus on training, such as technical training, managerial training, Operational Integrity training, and the SHINE on-boarding programme in some of our affiliates.

  • Performance Review

    64.7% of employees received regular performance reviews in 2013, a fall of 5.7%. Performance reviews vary between affiliates, with some currently reviewing their performance management systems. We will focus on improving the performance measurement in this area while also continuing to reinforce the importance of all employees receiving regular performance reviews.

  • Collective Bargaining