Enabling long-term value through secure, fair, transparent and responsible business practices

Targets for a “Better Governance”


With a focus on our Knowledge and Digital & Innovation Divisions, we commit to:

  • Support our customers on their journey to sustainability by increasing the proportion of revenue generated by our Sustainability Solutions and measure its positive impact through our impact valuation methodology

Operations and Supply Chain

Throughout our operations and supply chain, we commit to:


  • Promote a culture of efficiency and excellence through our World Class Services (WCS) program: 90% of current WCS perimeter to achieve World Class Manufacturing (WCM) awarded levels and reach at least first WCM Gold awarded site (1)


  • Achieve a customer satisfaction score of 95%


  • 100% of our employees trained on our Integrity Principles on an annual basis

Supply Chain

  • Cover at least 90% of our expenditure with suppliers that have agreed with our Code of Conduct Principles and continue developing our human rights due diligence program to avoid violations across our supply chain
  • 100% of our RFP (Requests For Proposal) will be online and will include the relevant SGS sustainability criteria, enabling comparison and selection of suppliers
  • Partner with relevant suppliers to transform the products and services we purchase into more sustainable ones, while elevating the sustainability agenda of our strategic suppliers' operations striving towards their carbon neutrality in 2030

Digitalization, Information Protection and Privacy

  • Be an outstanding company in information governance and data privacy by ensuring the robustness of our systems, infrastructure & organizational culture

(1) Considering 2020 perimeter