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At SGS, strong governance structures underpin the delivery of our sustainability strategy.

Governance Structures

The Board of Directors is responsible for the ultimate direction of the Group. The duties of the Chairman of the Board of Directors (a non-executive role) include approving top-level strategy and policies (including those that affect sustainability risks), determining the remuneration of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and setting our mission and values.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Board of Directors reviews sustainability risks as part of its annual risk review. The Operations Council oversees and approves our sustainability strategy, which is developed by the Sustainability Steering Committee and coordinated day-to-day by the Corporate Sustainability Team.

Other roles include:

  • The Audit Committee: reviews risk management, regulatory compliance and internal controls
  • The Professional Conduct Committee: responsible for ensuring the implementation of our professional conduct policies and for advising management on all issues of business ethics
  • The Group Chief Compliance Officer: responsible for implementing procedures governing ethical behavior and conducting investigations on alleged staff misconduct
  • The Nomination and Remuneration Committee: reviews the compensation of the Operations Council members (excluding the CEO)
  • The Operations Council (OC): responsible for the operational management of the Group and approval and implementation of business strategy, including approving sustainability policies, strategies and targets. The OC is chaired by the CEO, who has ultimate responsibility for our operational integrity and sustainability performance


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  • Sustainability Governance

    SUS Governance Responsibilities Sustainability Issues 

    Sustainability Steering Committee

    The Sustainability Steering Committee supports the Operations Council and meets twice a year to develop SGS’s sustainability strategy, review our management approach and performance and agree on core programs and targets. Chaired by the CEO, the Sustainability Steering Committee comprises 13 Chief Operating Officers, Executive Vice Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents across our regions.

    Sustainability Steering Committee

    Corporate Sustainability Team 

    The Corporate Sustainability Team, led by the Vice President Corporate Sustainability, reports to the CEO and develops the Group’s sustainability policies, strategies and targets in consultation with the Sustainability Steering Committee. The Corporate Sustainability Team oversees and reviews our core sustainability management system and materiality process, measures and reports sustainability performance through the Green Book, liaises with external stakeholders and has supported the affiliates in improving performance through over 1,300 sustainability projects since 2011.

    SGS Annual Report 2017

    Our general governance structures and processes are described in more detail in the SGS Annual Report.

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