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SGS Madagascar has participated in reforestation projects since 2004. However, reforestation became especially important to us in 2014, when we committed ourselves to supporting the reforestation of Zodafarb, Ampangabe, near Antananarivo, Madagascar’s capital.

SGS Madagascar employees at a reforestation project

We have stepped up our efforts there by purchasing and planting saplings, taking care of logistics (transport, equipment and food) and coordinating the activities of employees and family members who volunteer.

116 SGS Madagascar employees each spent five hours planting acacia saplings in 2018. These saplings help enrich the soil with organic matter, nitrogen and potassium, while promoting the infiltration of water into the soil and protecting the soil from erosion.

A special committee internally monitors the saplings a few months after planting to ensure that they have taken root and that the more established trees from previous plantings are pruned. So far, we have planted four hectares, and we will continue our efforts to decrease the deforestation rate by planting trees and putting fire prevention measures in place. This will ensure better preservation of the rich and unique biodiversity of the rainforests in Madagascar.