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With two-thirds of SGS’s total energy consumed in our offices and laboratories worldwide, our Energy Efficiency in Buildings (EEB) program engages affiliates in efforts to drive energy efficiency and achieve a 20% reduction in our global CO₂ emissions by 2020.

Led lighting along a hall

In 2017 and 2018, SGS carried out several walk through energy assessments in some of the most significant buildings in the North America Region in order to identify potential savings in these facilities.

Following these energy assessments, SGS North America has prioritized the upgrading of existing fluorescent lighting systems to LED lighting, identifying significant energy efficiency measures and cost savings from this approach. In 2018, we have successfully implemented relighting in the following locations in the US and Canada: Aurora, Burnaby and Denver.

By switching to LED lighting in these facilities, we expect to achieve energy efficiency savings in lighting of around 60%, which is particularly critical in buildings with a high energy consumption intensity. Given the capital expenditure involved in relighting our buildings, we expect to receive a return on our investment through energy reductions within a three to five year period.

We recognize that the individual actions of the over 10,000 SGS North America employees, along with these system changes, also play a significant part in enabling us to achieve our reduction targets. This is why we have encouraged a low carbon culture by rolling out our established Spot the Orange Dot internal awareness raising campaign and keep employees motivated by reinforcing the impact of their actions using print, electronic and social media.