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To mitigate our CO₂ emissions, we invest in voluntary offset schemes. These credit purchases are verified by the Clean Development Mechanism and help promote sustainable economic growth, provide clean energy to regions and local communities, and protect the environment by reducing reliance on fossil fuels for energy.

Since 2014, we have been supporting Kariba REDD+ (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation), a forest protection initiative in Zimbabwe that is verified according to the Verified Carbon Standard and the Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance’s Standard. To restrain the deforestation, Kariba REDD+ ensures the protection of almost 800,000 hectares of forest and wildlife on the southern shores of Lake Kariba, an area that serves as a giant biodiversity corridor and includes an expansive rainforest and numerous vulnerable and endangered species.

Besides the environmental benefits, the project supports the independence and well-being of local communities: people benefit from improved clinic amenities, infrastructural developments – such as new roads and boreholes – or school subsidies for the poorest population. Kariba REDD+ also fosters job creation and sustainable livelihoods by promoting activities such as conservation agriculture, fire management, beekeeping training and ecotourism. Across the entirety of the project, 85,000 people are benefiting from its activities, and are enjoying better health and improved economic opportunities.