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In 2017, SGS Bangladesh updated its annual integrity training program to include new case studies and topics and a new presentation style.

The annual integrity training was led by the Managing Director, SGS Bangladesh, who presented the program to his direct reports. They then delivered the training to their teams. The program’s modular design that enabled managers to present case studies that were most relevant to their employees’ roles and their lines of business, as well as training materials on generic topics such as human rights.

Training was face to face, with around 20 employees participating in each session. Each manager spent up to three hours discussing and clarifying integrity issues with their team.

Employees reported that they were particularly unfamiliar with human rights issues, such as forced and bonded labor, child labor and gender discrimination, covered in the training. However, they considered them important topics, particularly for Bangladesh, which has high levels of labor migration; every year, around 500,000 Bangladeshis leave the country to work abroad. This topic was especially relevant to SGS inspectors, given the inherent exposure to human rights risks in customer supply chains of worldwide.

In total, around 600 employees and 150 subcontractors across five sites in Bangladesh took part in annual integrity training in 2017.