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Solar panels

- SGS USA and SGS Canada conducted onsite energy assessments across six of their most energy intensive sites and are developing a strategic action plan for our North America region. This covers several types of projects: relighting, upgrading building envelopes and optimizing HVAC systems. We are also focusing on raising employee awareness of energy efficiency through our behavioral campaign, Spot the Orange Dot. With five key US facilities joining the campaign in 2017, it is now active in more than 25 countries.

In 2018, we plan to conduct additional energy assessments in North America and extend the Spot the Orange Dot campaign to additional sites.

- SGS China has an ongoing project to improve lighting systems by using LED bulbs in seven locations. As these are our largest facilities in China, the project is expected to save about CHF 400,000.

- SGS Chile carried out energy assessments in its most important facilities. Several transversal actions related to improving energy efficiency in industrial equipment were identified. Potential opportunities to expand renewable energy options by using photovoltaic energy and purchasing renewable energy from a local provider have also been identified.

- SGS Spain installed reflective films on windows in our headquarters in Madrid to reduce demands for refrigeration. In addition to reducing energy demands, this measure directly impacts employee wellbeing as it reduces the glare on their desktops while making them more comfortable.

- SGS India is collaborating with providers to take part in a local program to supply renewable energy in our buildings. We are also piloting innovative technologies related to HVAC systems to increase energy efficiency.