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SGS India has benefited from investments in technologies to drive energy efficiency in its laboratories and office facilities

Summary of actions taken and their impacts on energy conservation:

  • Testing laboratory, Manesar, Delhi: the installation of a power saver lighting panel has reduced annual lighting energy by 9,769 kWh, equivalent to a 15% saving in energy
  • West1-LSS (old and new buildings): the installation of LED lighting to replace fluorescent and compact fluorescent (CFL) lighting has enabled us to save 30,996 kWh. With zero maintenance and a lifespan of six years, there are additional cost savings
  • Testing laboratory, South1 Chennai-AMB
    • The installation of a variable frequency drive (VFD) for our air compressor has resulted in energy savings of 72,635 kWh
    • Our in-house demineralization water treatment plant, which serves our consumer retail and multi-use laboratories, has delivered annual savings of CHF 5,534 (INR. 0.379 Mio)
    • The installation of a fume hood exhaust ensures that the fume hood operates at the minimum exhaust volume when not in use (i.e. outside working hours). It has delivered annual energy savings of 22,196 kWh and a cost saving per annum of CHF 3,221 (INR. 0.22 Mio)
    • We are introducing MaxR100, an intermetallic compound, into the refrigerant oil of Chiller compressors (240 TR X 3 Nos Chillers). This is expected to result in 108,772 kWh per annum energy savings
  • Testing laboratory and office, South1 Tirupur: wash water is treated and reused using our effluent treatment plant, resulting in annual savings of CHF 5,622 (INR. 0.39 Mio)
  • Testing Laboratory, Bengaluru (Bangalore): we replaced old CFL lighting with LED lighting