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SGS promotes physical and mental wellbeing through activities across our network.

For example:

SGS Headquarters, Geneva

  • We promote mental wellbeing through our membership in the “Service Social Inter Entreprise” (SSIE). As one of eight member companies (including ABB Sécheron, BCGE Banque Cantonale de Genève, Bunge SA, Caran d’Ache SA, Cargill SA, Firmenich SA, and Rolex SA), SGS offers employees and their families access to confidential and free of charge services provided by professionally qualified counsellors.
  • During October 2016, 65 employees in Geneva took advantage of the flu vaccination that was offered during a campaign to highlight the seasonal risk of the flu virus.
  • Geneva-based employees took part in a Lunch & Learn session which involved an external speaker giving a presentation on substance addiction.
  • An Ergonomy Day was held to inform employees about health, wellbeing and productivity in the workplace. After attending two workshops, led by ergonomic specialists, employees were able to book a 20-minute workstation assessment to check that their working environment and behaviors were conducive to safety, comfort and performance.
  • The SGS canteen is GRTA certified, which assures that products are exclusively purchased from local producers.

SGS Affiliate Activities

  • SGS South Africa hosted a Wellness Day, which involved around 40 employees taking part in boot camp-style classes, spa treatments and health monitoring provided by local health practitioners. Employees were also offered one month’s free membership at the local gym.
  • SGS India has, for many years, issued crash helmets and high visibility vests to SGS employees and family members in the region who ride to work on motorcycles. This initiative aims to save lives by promoting a safety culture through the provision of personal protective equipment at no cost to employees or their families.
  • SGS Russia encouraged employees to enroll in a cycle to work scheme. Employees who biked to work used dedicated cycle spaces provided in the car park and were greeted on the first day of the scheme by HR colleagues who distributed refillable water bottles and certificates.
  • SGS Taiwan was awarded the 2016 National Sport Certificate by the Sports Administry, operating under the Ministry of Education of Taiwan. This award acknowledged 50 organizations for providing opportunities for employees to lead active lifestyles and achieve a balance between work and leisure. For SGS Taiwan, this included the annual SGS Games event, as well as basketball and softball tournaments, alongside regular activities such as badminton, bowling and yoga. The affiliate has also launched a sports portal – MySport – through which employees can form teams and set physical goals while competing against rival teams. SGS Taiwan also encourages employees to articipate in outdoor activities and sports events while lending their support to the local community.