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Eight years ago, SGS employee Gonzalo de Miguel Redondo began a mission to climb the summit of Africa’s highest point, Mount Kilimanjaro.

What began as a hobby became a passion, challenging him to test his resilience and perseverance while improving his wellbeing and physical strength. He used this challenge as a means of assessing risk, commenting, “It is precisely the type of training that I need for my life”.

Gonzalo began his climb to the summit on December 6, 2016 and arrived at the top four days later-– two days shorter than the average climb! On day one, he scaled 2,900 meters through jungle terrain. On day two, he climbed 4,600 meters of jungle terrain and volcanic rock, then descended 3,900 meters to acclimatize. On day three, he climbed to 4,750 meters, and on day four he reached the summit at the dizzying height of 5,985 meters, braving a temperature of minus 35 degrees centigrade. Having reached his goal, Gonzalo then had to make a 17 hour trek back down to the entrance to the national park.

Despite this being an incredible personal pursuit, Gonzalo made sure that he gave something back to the community by donating clothes and school materials in Arusha, Tanzania.

Next, Gonzalo plans to reach the summits of Mont Blanc, Elbrus and Aconcagua. For him, the most important part of mountain climbing is learning to be patient and to persevere. He acknowledges that humility and risk management are as much components of mountain climbing as they are to daily life.