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Are we sitting comfortably?

An Ergonomy Day was held at our headquarters in Geneva in early September, as part of our OI Safety Month. Its aim was to prevent health issues linked to poor movement and positioning through education and awareness raising on the way that we position ourselves and move around our workspaces. In total, 85 people attended a presentation by Ergorama, our partner for health and well-being programs, and 50 people received individual consultations at their workspaces with qualified ergonomists.

Prospect of a flu-free winter for employees

2015 was the second year that SGS organized a vaccination campaign against the seasonal flu virus. Held at the end of October, some 65 SGS employees were administered the vaccine.

Lunch & Learn – addiction prevention

We also dedicated one of our Lunch & Learn sessions to the issue of addiction, which involved a presentation by an external speaker and specialist in addiction prevention.

Promoting mental well-being

Through our membership of the “Service Social Inter Entreprise” (SSIE) which was created in 1970 as a shared social service association between member companies, SGS employees and family members are able to access support on a range of work and personal issues by booking an appointment with professional social counselor. SGS is one of eight member companies (including ABB Sécheron, BCGE Banque Cantonale de Genève, Bunge SA, Caran d’Ache SA, Cargill SA, Firmenich SA, and Rolex SA) that is able to access these confidential and free of charge services.

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