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SGS Group France is committed to increasing the career opportunities for people with disability through a proactive recruitment and outreach strategy, job retention program, and wellness programs.

It aims to provide employees with the particular support they need to carry out their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Acknowledging that over 80% of disabilities are not visible, the company runs awareness raising campaigns which recognize that one out of every two people are likely to experience some form of disability at some time during their professional life. Commenting on the progress being made, Florence Charles, Conviviality Director, SGS France said, "Diversity is one of the fundamentals of our Group. Year after year, we work to change the consciousness and unite our employees around human subjects such as disabilities in business. And it works! The campaign last year has allowed nine employees to trust us and to declare themselves disabled workers."

In November 2015, SGS France launched an online game, ‘Dare to be Different’, to train and dissipate bias about disability in business. In the run up to the Vendée Globe sailing contest in 2016, the 10-day game featured two stages. The first, invited employees to nominate powerful quotations from disabled persons or people involved with disability. The second was a multiple choice quiz aimed at raising awareness of disability issues. Three finalists were chosen, with the winner being given the chance to sail aboard the ‘Comme un Seul Homme’ boat. (See Vendee Globe page)

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