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Terre des Hommes’ (TDH) mission is to work for the rights of the child and for equitable development, without racial, religious, political, cultural or gender-based discrimination.

SGS is a long-standing supporter of TDH and we provide specific support in empowering young people in business through the provision of a revolving credit fund. Here are some stories linked to this project:

Tapasi Dutta

Tapasi lived in the Basanti colony, one of the four working areas of the TdH SPAN project. Her father was working as a daily laborer, and the family’s monthly income was around INR 3,000 (CHF 46). For financial reasons, Tapasi was married off at the age of 16 to a groom from Rajasthan, who was little known to her parents. Following her marriage, Tapasi was subjected to mental and physical abuse from her in-laws. Concerned that she might be sold, Tapasi fled to her family home in Kolkata within six months of her marriage. Having found a job as an unskilled laborer in the textile industry, Tapasi came in the contact with SPAN and joined the Open School Education, which allowed her to complete her secondary education. In 2013, Tapasi trained as a beautician, as part of SPAN’s vocational training (VT) program, and began working in a local beauty parlor.

On hearing about SPAN’s Revolving Fund opportunity, Tapasi then applied for a loan and, having submitted her business plan, was awarded INR 5,000 to start her own business. She has already repaid the full amount with interest, having used the money to start a small business in her home. With a current monthly income of around INR 5,000 (CHF 80), Tapasi is able to support her family. With growing confidence, she has taken a further loan of INR 50,000, with which she has established a small unit at a popular location in Kolkata. Her projected income is now around INR 10,000 (CHF 155) per month from which she will repay the loan and support her family. SPAN has every confidence that this loan will be repaid by end of 2016.

Ayan Nandi

Ayan is a resident of Promod Nagar, one of the four working areas of the TdH SPAN project. His father works as a daily laborer in an unorganized sector. Ayan dropped out of school at the age of 13 due to family hardship (the family’s income was around INR 4,000 (CHF 62) per month) and began work at age of 14 in the hosiery industry. In 2010, Ayan joined SPAN’s Open School Education and two years later completed his secondary education with good results. During this period, Ayan continued working irregularly in the unorganized sector as an unskilled laborer. On completing his secondary education, Ayan was taken by SPAN to the largest electronic and mobile repair market in the eastern region of India for pre-vocational exposure. After this visit he became interested in a VT training course offered by SPAN on mobile phone repairing.

Within one year of completing the course, Ayan started working as a skilled mechanic in a small repair unit in Kolkata, earning INR 2,000 (CHF 30) per month. When he heard about the Revolving Fund opportunity, he applied for a loan and, having completed the required procedure, was awarded INR 30,000 to start his own business from his home. Ayan has developed a good relationship with local customers and his current monthly income is around INR 8,000 (CHF 125). He has already repaid the loan amount along with interest while being able to support his family. He has also saved enough money to buy a photocopier machine which provides additional income alongside his mobile repairing business.

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