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When buying fuel, you need to know that the ship receives the amount of fuel purchased.

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You also need to know and that this fuel is neither contaminated nor of a substandard quality that could adversely affect the ship’s fuel system, engine or environmental performance. Through bunker quantity surveys and routine quality analysis, as well as further specialized analyses, SGS supports you through the procurement, delivery and use of marine fuel.

Bunker quantity loading measurement

With our bunker fuel inspection services, you can be sure that you receive the volume of fuel purchased. We provide you with detailed and reliable analyses of the quantity at loading point, discharging point and the quantity of any transferred fuel, and measure this both pre and post delivery, either onboard vessels, in supply storage and/or on barges as required. Our extensive global service provides you with reliable, impartial, documented evidence should you need to make any shortage claims.

Routine bunker quality analysis

You need to know that the fuel you purchase will provide your vessel with the operational performance and safety levels you expect. Our analyses deliver information that enables you to fully manage the risks associated with fuel quality issues. We assess the conformity of your fuel with ISO 8217 specifications and ensure it complies with regulations such as Marpol Annex V1, Port State Control Inspections and the various Emission Control Areas (ECAs).

Our full service covers visual inspections, representative sampling, laboratory analysis and technical assistance.

Specialist bunker analysis

Contamination or adulteration can occur and unwanted substances can enter fuel during the refinery process. There are many further specialized tests that we can conduct to help protect a ship’s engine and equipment, ensuring safety and helping you avoid unnecessary costs. Should any disputes arise over the quality of fuel supplied, we are able to provide the support and forensic analysis for you to pursue a claim.

With bunker survey services from SGS, you can always be sure of the quantity and quality of your bunker fuel. Find out how we can help you.