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Hot Source Issue 22

Learn more about isotope analysis, labeling, sports nutrition, FSMA certification and managing food contaminant regulation data.

Mars Food and Crop's Expand Ongoing Supply Chain Transparency with SGS Transparency-One

Continuing its partnership with SGS and Transparency-One, Mars Food and Crop's expands supply chain transparency for more than 113 fruit, vegetable and herb products.

World Food Safety Day 2019: SGS helps to ensure food safety

Watch our video and learn about World Food Safety Day and how our testing and certification services are helping to ensure that the highest food safety standards are upheld.

Gafta Awards "Approved Fumigator" Status to SGS in Canada and Romania

Gafta, the Grain and Feed Trade Association, has awarded SGS in Canada and Romania "Approved Fumigator" status.

Intermarché Launches SGS Transparency-One Traceability QR Codes on Green Beans

Customers can access country of origin and product journey details in-store with the aid of a smartphone.

Hot Source Issue 21

Learn more about Safe Quality Food in China, FSMA, labeling, cannabis, the Global Food Safety Conference, baby food regulation and stable isotope testing.

Focus on Biomass

As countries around the world reduce reliance on fossil fuels, so the market for innovative products increases. Biomass is increasingly the fuel of choice of new CHP plants, across Europe, North America, with interest growing across Asia and South America.

SGS in Bulgaria Gains Gafta Approved Fumigator Status

Gafta, the Grain and Feed Trade Association, has awarded SGS in Bulgaria “Approved Fumigator” status.