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In Tests a Majority of Products Sold Online Were Found to Violate EU Chemical Laws

ECHA’s Forum REF-8 project report has found most of the 5,730 products inspected, which were sold online, breached CLP, REACH and/or BPR regulations. The project resulted in more than 5,000 enforcement actions.

US Senate Introduces Bill to Protect Children from Ingesting Button Batteries

Bill S.3278 “Reese’s Law” has been introduced in the US Senate to protect children and other consumers against hazards associated with the accidental ingestion of button cell or coin batteries.

New York State Officializes a Bill on Seasonal & Decorative Lighting Products Containing Lead

On November 30, 2021, New York’s State Governor signed a Bill regarding labeling requirements for seasonal and decorative lighting products with an electrical cord casing containing more than 100 ppm lead content. The effective date will be February 28, 2022.

EU Expands CMR Lists Under REACH

The lists of CMR substances under Annex XVII of REACH have been expanded. The provisions will be implemented in two phases, starting March 1, 2022.

SGS Achieves Leadership Position on CDP 2021 Assessment

CDP has recognized SGS for tackling climate change and managing climate risks across our operations, awarding us an A- score on our 2021 assessment.

New US CPSC Standard on Clothing Unit Stability

On July 14, 2021, the US CPSC released a briefing which describes a safety standard for clothing storage units. The proposed standard is more stringent than existing methodologies which address similar safety concerns. The US senate bill was introduced on November 18, 2021.

SGS Expert Discusses Managing Supply Chains in 2022

Business Development Manager for Sample Management Services at SGS discusses inventory efficiency and the need for businesses to be well positioned for the challenges in 2022.

Toy Updates: December 2021

Explore requirements for button and coin cell batteries.