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REACH Updates Recent announcements relating to the EU REACH regulation highlight the importance of understanding how the legislation is applied and how economic operators can ensure their products are compliant. October 8, 2018 Features
Modern Slavery Slavery in today’s supply chains sounds unbelievable but it’s not a myth; it is a growing multi-billion dollar concern. The US government has recently increased regulatory controls to address this issue. October 8, 2018 Features
Designing the Right Inspection Protocol for Manual Testing of Electronic Products The requirement for shorter turnaround times (TAT) when developing inspection protocols has led to some reliance on previous experience when designing manual tests. We explore the issue and its risks. October 8, 2018 Features
NATRUE Labeling SGS helps manufacturers understand NATRUE labeling – the best way for natural and organic cosmetic companies to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. October 8, 2018 Features
SGS in Taunusstein Founded in 1848, the SGS Institut Fresenius Taunusstein has around 7,000 m² of laboratories offering testing services for a wide range of consumer products. October 8, 2018 Features
New EU Standards for Children’s Textile Sleeping Products Cot duvets, bumpers and children's sleep bags are all subject to new safety standards. Learn more with our experts. October 8, 2018 Features
Outdoor Furniture Accelerated Aging Testing for the US With sales of outdoor furniture increasing, manufacturers need to understand the test methods they can employ to ensure their products are durable and appealing to consumers. October 8, 2018 Features
Preparing for Electric Vehicles As sales of electric cars continue to grow, we look at the challenges that must be overcome before they become the dominant vehicle on our roads. October 8, 2018 Features
Korea Proposes to Amend Food Contact Standards Korea has proposed to amend its food contact standards by, among other things, prohibiting Bisphenol A (BPA) and two phthalates in food contact products for infants and young children. October 8, 2018 Updates
California Restricts Flame Retardants in Certain Consumer Goods California approves measures to regulate flame retardants in four categories of consumer products. The new law will become effective on January 1, 2020. October 8, 2018 Updates