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China Releases a Measure of Supervision and Administration for Cosmetic Manufacturing and Operations

China has released a Measure of Supervision and Administration for Cosmetic Manufacturing and Operations as a supplement to the Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulation for the cosmetics industry.

Guaranteeing the Safety and Energy Efficiency of Domestic Appliances

Maicon from SGS in Brazil shares how he, as a Lab Supervisor for Electrics & Electronics, ensures our domestic electrical products are safe and energy efficient.

U.S. FTC Retains Care Labelling Requirement for Apparel

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) voted in an open Commission meeting on July 2021 to retain its longstanding Care Labelling Rule for apparel and certain textile piece goods. This decision came after the Commission sought comment in July 2020 on a proposal to repeal.

Release of IFRA 50th Amendment

Notification of the 50th amendment to the IFRA Standards was released on June 30, 2021 with one new prohibition of the substance mintlactone.

U.S. California DTSC Adopts Carpets and Rugs that contain PFAS as Priority Product

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) adopted carpets and rugs containing perfluoroalkyl or polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) as a Priority Product effective July 1, 2021, under the state’s Safer Consumer Products (SCP) Program.

Brazil Issues Legislation for Baby Bottles and Teats

Brazil’s ordinance on baby bottles and teats entered into force on June 1, 2021. A recent amendment made editorial changes to the list of complementary documents for conformity assessment requirements.

SGS Collaborates with ECCRT for Pharmacy Team GMP Training

A renewed collaboration with ECCRT will help ensure the SGS Pharmacy team stays up to date with the latest standards and highest international requirements.

2021 Focus On Danube

​Our Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian and Serbian teams’ continued investment in innovative technology will help your organization move from strength to strength. Discover more in the latest issue of Focus on Danube.