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The China TFDA Releases a New List of Permitted Colorants in Cosmetic Products

SafeGuardSCosmetics Personal Care and HouseholdOctober 13, 2020

The revised list of colorants permitted in cosmetic products will be enforced from July 1, 2021 in China Taiwan.

SAFEGUARDS | Cosmetics, Personal Care & HouseholdNO. 152/20

SG 15220 Makeup

The China Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) released Notice No. 109160537 on September 29, 2020 to revise the List of Colorants Permitted for use in Cosmetic Products. This new amendment comes into force on July 1, 2021. All new cosmetic products manufactured on or after that date shall fulfil this new requirement. 

In this amendment, more than 70 new colorants are included in the positive list. 

New colorants included in the List of Colorants Permitted for use in Cosmetic products

Color Index NumberEnglish NameApplication AreaRestrictions
CI 10006Pigment Green 8 4 
CI 11710
Pigment Yellow 3
CI 11920
Food Orange 3
 1Not for use in hair dye products
CI 12010
Solvent Red 3
 3Not for use in hair dye products
CI 12370
Pigment Red 112
 4Not for use in hair dye products
CI 12420
Pigment Red 7
CI 12480
Pigment Brown 1
CI 12490
Pigment Red 5
 1Not for use in hair dye products
CI 12700
Disperse Yellow 16
CI 14270
Acid Orange 6
 1Not for use in hair dye products
CI 14815
Food Red 2
CI 15525
Pigment Red 68
CI 15580
Pigment Red 51
CI 15980
Food Orange 2
CI 16185

Food Red 9
Acid Red 27

 1Not for use in hair dye products
CI 16230
Acid Orange 10
CI 16290
Food Red 8
CI 18130
Acid Red 155
CI 18690
Acid Yellow 121
CI 18736
Acid Red 180
CI 18965
Food Yellow 5
CI 20040
Pigment Yellow 16
CI 21100
Pigment Yellow 13
 4Not for use in hair dye products 
CI 21108
Pigment Yellow 83
CI 21230
Solvent Yellow 29
 3Not for use in hair dye products 
CI 24790
Acid Red 163
CI 27755
Food Black 2
 1Not for use in hair dye products
CI 28440
Food Black 1
CI 40215
Direct Orange 39
CI 40820
Food Orange 6
CI 40825
Food Orange 7
CI 40850
Food Orange 8
CI 42045
Acid Blue 1
 3Not for use in hair dye products 
CI 42051
Food Blue 5
 1Not for use in hair dye products 
CI 42080
Acid Blue 7
CI 42100
Acid Green 9
CI 42170Acid Green 22
CI 42520
Basic Violet 2
 4Limit: 5ppm
CI 42735
Acid Blue 104
CI 44090
Food Green 4
CI 45220
Acid Red 50
CI 45370

Acid Orange 11
Solvent Red 72
D&C Orange No. 5

 1Not for use in hair dye products
CI 45396
Solvent Orange 16
 1Limit in lip cosmetics: 1% (free acid) 
CI 45405
Acid Red 98 2 
CI 50325
Acid Violet 50
CI 50420
Acid Black 2
 3Not for use in hair dye products
CI 51319
Pigment Violet 23
 4Not for use in hair dye products
CI 58000
Pigment Red 83
 1Not for use in hair dye products
CI 60724
Disperse Violet 27
CI 61585
Acid Blue 80
CI 62045
Acid Blue 62
CI 69800
Food Blue 4
CI 71105
Vat Orange 7
CI 73385
Vat Violet 2
CI 73900
Pigment Violet 19
CI 73915
Pigment Red 122
CI 74100
Pigment Blue 16
CI 74180
Direct Blue 86
 4Not for use in hair dye products 
CI 75125
Natural Yellow 27
CI 75135
CI 75300
Natural Yellow 3
CI 77015
Pigment Red 101
Pigment Red 102
Aluminum silicate colored with ferricoxide
CI 77267
Pigment Black 9
Charcoal, bone
CI 77268:1
Food Black 3
Coke Black
CI 77745
CI 77891
Pigment White 6
Titanium Dioxide
CI 77947
Zinc Oxide
 1Not to be used in products that may be inhaled into the lungs
Beetroot red
Aluminum stearate
/Zinc stearate
/Magnesium stearate
/Calcium stearate
Bromothymol blue
Bromocresol green
Acid red 195


Application area 1 = Colorants allowed in all cosmetic products
Application area 2 = Colorants allowed in all cosmetic products except those intended to be applied in the vicinity of the eyes
Application area 3 = Colorants allowed exclusively in cosmetic products intended not to come into contact with the mucous membranes
Application area 4 = Colorants allowed exclusively in cosmetic products intended to come into contact only briefly with the skin

Additionally, 4 colorants from the existing list are removed in the new amendment, and several of entries are updated with scope of application or limit of use.

Special cosmetic products who fail to fulfil the revised list, the permit holder shall finish necessary modification before June 30, 2021. 


[1] TFDA Notice No. 1091605373

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