The CITA (International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee) Africa RAG Meeting was held on October 30, 2019, in Marrakesh, Morocco, featuring a presentation from SGS​ Global Head of Regulated Services, Thomas Revillard.

The purpose of the presentation was to discuss the impovements of road safety initiatives in Africa and, more specifically, Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI) of vehicles, including reinforcement of PTI's in the 54 countries of Africa and the extension of PTI capabilities to two and three-wheeled vehicles.

Among the meeting participants were SGS representatives from our African PTI programmes, as well as representatives from Aman Auto (Morocco), SICTA (Ivory Coast), COTA (Algeria), Safe Drive Uganda and Road Safety Mauritius.

SGS Automotive Services has extensive experience in designing and operating a wide range of advanced vehicle inspection programs and associated services, for both large and small vehicle fleets. We have designed and implemented successful statutory programs for countries on four continents. Each program is a tailor-made product of SGS’s combined international expertise and in-depth knowledge of local market conditions and individual market characteristics, demand and requirements.

We have become widely recognized for our vehicle inspection network management performance, involving complete modernization (facilities, equipment and personnel), and privatization of inspection programs and related activities that were traditionally operated by public authorities. Due to our very wide range of facilities and areas of expertise, when you partner with SGS, you benefit from a consolidation of best global practice and the very latest technical advancements.

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