In Q3 2019, hardline product recalls increased by 18% in the EU in comparison with Q2 2019, while the US, saw an equal number of recalls as Q2.

There were 284 recalls in the EU, with the top category being toys, for which chemicals and choking were the main risks. Food contact materials also saw an increase in recalls of 31%, while there was a 17% fall in recalls of products within the juvenile products and childcare articles category.

In the US, 42 products were recalled. The top category for recalls was sport and leisure with 10 recalls, with the main risks being falls and injuries. DIY, tools and hardware also saw an increase with 7 recalls and the juvenile products and childcare articles had an increase of 100% with 6 recalls.

Product Recall Trends Hardlines Infographics 2019

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Product Recall Trends provides a quarterly overview of the top recalled product categories and products, and the main associated risks, in the EU and the USA.

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