SGS is pleased to announce that the scope of its good laboratory practice (GLP) accreditation, for France, has been extended by the Comité Français d’Accréditation (Cofrac).


Operating a network of seven good laboratory practice (GLP) accredited facilities for field trials in the European Union (EU), this accreditation expansion is part of our commitment to continuously improving the range of services we offer our customers.

The terms of the new GLP certificate allow SGS in France to conduct studies on:

  • Environmental fate in soil, water, air and bioaccumulation – Category 5
  • Residue studies – Category 6
  • Exposure studies in relation to operators, workers, residents and bystanders – Category 9

Category 9 accreditation relates to dislodgeable foliar residue (DFR) studies, which measure the pesticide residues that are deposited on and remain on surfaces after pesticide application, these are linked to operator exposure.

Across the EU, DFR studies are conducted under residue trials as the required process is similar to crop residue trials. However, in France, authorities have, decided that Categories 1-8 in OECD GLP do not adequately cover the analysis or technique used during DFR studies, choosing instead to use Category 9.

SGS provides turnkey services for European agriculture and food operatives. These include study and project management, the practical conduct of field trials, and GLP analysis. Our focus is on higher tier study types like field soil dissipation, ground water and surface water monitoring, dust drift, animal feeding, food processing, pollinator exposure studies and operator and bystander exposure, which are included in DFR. We have developed an effective study model, partnering with analytical support, that provides high success rates and robustness for the field procedural recoveries used during storage stability assessment.

As a global service provider, we strive for best practice using harmonized standards. We operate a global network of GLP facilities and laboratories in multiple OECD or EPA regulated countries, supporting the regulatory needs of economic operators in most developed regions. Our global reach and comprehensive range of services mean we are the first choice for companies involved in the agricultural sector looking to comply with national and international regulations.

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For further information, please contact:

Francois Gemrot
GLP Study Director
t: +33 6 03 32 32 40

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