With SGS’s expertise in Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) studies, we are pleased to offer Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) for metal analysis to local and global clients.


SGS's laboratory in Rouen, France is already recognized as a leader in metal analysis, and with the growing need for testing in the plant protection industry, SGS's new ICP-MS solution is a welcome offering to the industry.

The technical expert team is now able to use ICP-MS testing as part of their already comprehensive range of techniques established at the GLP facility, therefore providing full support when analyzing formulations for residues, impurities and active ingredients.

Copper has been used for many years in agriculture as a natural control in fungal and bacterial disease, but with more recent data proving that it is detrimental to the environment its use is being much more tightly controlled. SGS's laboratory in France can support the industry with analytical capabilities to detect copper used in dislodgeable foliar residue (DFR) studies, dermal absorption, ecotox, and residue trials. Moreover, method validation studies according to SANCO/3029/99, SANCO/825/99 and OPPTS 860.1340 can also be performed.

From a product chemistry point of view, heavy metal impurities can be determined during method validation according to SANCO/3030/99, 5-batches analyses, shelf life, and accelerated storage stability studies. An impressive 70 elements are part of the SGS catalog.

We also offer non-GLP pre-screening in formulations for impurity content confirmation.

Several mineralization processes are routinely handled, from the regular use of nitric acid into hydrofluoric acid, or microwaves for complex matrices, like silicon.

SGS Delivers a Customized Approach

Due to SGS's extensive testing facilities now available at our laboratory in Rouen, we are able to offer a customized approach to individual clients. Our team of experts delivers the very highest standards using the most innovative testing methods, from the research and development phase right through to production.

For more information, please contact:

Paul Garrigue
GLP Coordinator
SGS France – Laboratoire de Rouen
t: +33 6 10 86 86 24

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