In the EU, a mobile app is being developed to provide information on material content within products directly to consumers. Once finalized, it will provide quick access to details of any SVHC contained in a consumer product.

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Swedish Chemicals Agency (KEMI) has announced that an app is currently being tested in the EU that will provide consumers with substance information per the REACH legislation.

According to Article 33 of the REACH legislation, consumers have a right to know if there are any Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) contained within articles over the concentration limits outlined in the regulation. Manufacturers have 45 days from a request for information to answer SVHC inquiries. This app will allow manufacturers to provide information on any SVHC content directly.

Scheduled to be launched in the fall of 2019 this app is being designed to link information on any hazardous material content within a product (a complex assembly of individual articles) directly to consumers. The inquiry process starts with scanning a product’s barcode, which provides a link to the manufacturer’s information.

The app will be linked to a database of information where manufacturers will be able to upload material content information about their products, including SVHCs. This will allow immediate access to material information for consumers using the app and will provide a quick response to any SVHC content inquiries. If a manufacturer does not use this SVHC database, the app will initiate the customer’s request for information directly to that manufacturer via email. Manufacturers are only obligated, through the legislation, to provide information on SVHCs present in articles over 0.1 percent, but they may opt to provide replies on articles which do not contain any SVHCs.

The app is being developed in conjunction with the LIFE AskREACH project. Part of this project has been the development of a database for manufacturers to submit information on SVHCs contained within their products. The information from this database will be used to populate information coming from the app.

LIFE AskREACH was formed to raise consumer awareness with regards to SVHC usage and to enhance information sharing between consumers and manufacturers with regards to materials used and the environment. It will allow for consumers to make educated decisions on products, before they buy.

SVHCs may be introduced into various consumer products due to the complexities of both the supply chain and production process. Identifying high risk products or materials, or having a test strategy, can also be a smart way to ensure compliance and save costs. If you would like to learn more about how SGS can support your REACH compliance activities please contact us or visit

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