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Welcome to Hot Source, your essential guide to some of the hot topics in the food sector. In this issue our experts look at isotope analysis, labeling, sports nutrition, FSMA certification and managing food contaminant regulation data.

Fighting food fraud, we look at alcoholic beverages and the ways in which isotope analysis can be used to verify authenticity and beat the counterfeiters.

Labeling of food products is a recurring industry theme. In this issue we explore new food ingredient labeling rules in the EU that require food operatives to indicate the country of origin or place of provenance of the primary ingredient of a foodstuff, due to take effect from April 1, 2020. In a second article we look at the issues raised by manufacturers of traditionally harvested animal products who re seeking labeling rules to distinguish their products from those made from animal cell cultures and vegetarian alternatives.

In 2017, the global sports nutrition market size was estimated at USD 11.64 billion and predicted to grow rapidly. We describe the variety of sports nutrition products and explain the importance of maintaining quality.

As FSMA certification grows in popularity, one of the first steps for facilities seeking certification is to choose between the two FSMA schemes – which can be a difficult decision. Read on for our guide to making the right choice.

And finally, as the regulatory burden continues to grow we review the SGS Digicomply platform’s new ‘Restricted Substances’ module – the simplest way to monitor global MRLs and stay compliant.

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