Colombia has updated its regulation for primary batteries, new regulation (resolution 0721-2018) comes into force in July 2019.

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Rechargeable batteries

On April 16, 2018, Colombia’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism updated the country’s regulation for primary batteries. The current regulation (resolution 0172 – 2012) will be withdrawn and the new resolution, 0721 – 2018, will come into force in July.

Resolution 0721 – 2018 should have come into force last January (2019), however, Colombia’s government decided to postpone it until July. Although new regulation is not very different to the previous one there are important changes that must be reviewed by consumers, importers and manufacturers.

Principal changes:

  • Testing in ILAC laboratories will be accepted by the Colombian Government
  • Testing should be according to IEC 60086-1:2015 and IEC 60086-2:2015
  • Marking requires information about expiration date and positive polarity
  • Batteries for equipment that need them to operate shall comply with the regulation

Which requirements are unchanged?

  • Regulation covers the same products, primary batteries
  • Packaging marking requirements
  • Product certification is needed to comply with the regulation
  • Electrical and chemical testing are the same as in the previous regulation
  • Electrical and chemical requirements for compliance are the same

SGS Solutions

SGS Colombia is accredited to certify products in accordance with the primary batteries regulation. Accreditation was issued by the ONAC on March 8, 2019, making SGS the first CB accredited in Colombia for these products. It allows SGS to offer product certification according to the schemes approved.

Considering this new possibility to test products in any ILAC laboratory, SGS can provide sampling and testing services with our affiliates in the USA, China Europe or Brazil and issue product certification for the Colombian market.

For enquiries, please contact:

Jhon Cediel
Technical Supervisor E&E
t: +57 315 726 04 84

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