MOL Czech Republic has entered into an agreement with SGS in the Czech Republic to cooperate on fuel control.

The agreement will enable MOL to offer the highest quality fuel to its customers. Every year, the Seal of Quality Program checks up to 6,000 fuel samples at participating stations. The addition of MOL, the second largest fuel company in the country, brings this number up to 931. Throughout the year, all 304 MOL stations will complete a fuel check and receive the Quality Seal logo if conditions are met.

“We welcome MOL among the elite operators of gas stations who do not hesitate to reveal their internal processes and details of fuel quality management to our inspectors. MOL's accession to the Seal of Quality makes our program the largest fuel quality monitoring program in the Czech Republic,” said Alim Saidov, Executive Vice President of SGS Group.

“SGS in the Czech Republic has been monitoring our fuel quality for a long time. At the beginning of this year, we started to discuss more intensive cooperation and the result is MOL's entry into Seal of Quality. Fuel quality, as well as complementary non-fuel services in our modern Fresh Corner stores, are the top priority for our business,” said Richard Austen, CEO of MOL Czech Republic.

"We are convinced that working with SGS and entering the Seal of Quality program is the right step toward boosting our reputation for quality fuel among our customers," said Josef Sladek, Director of MOL CR Wholesale.

“All our inspections are carried out independently of service station operators, and SGS alone takes delivery, without prior notice. The Seal of Quality symbol is located on each dispenser, an unmistakable signal to gas station customers that they are being treated with care and will receive the highest quality fuel,” explained Ladislav Fuka, Division Manager Oil, Gas & and Chemicals, SGS Czech Republic.

SGS’s Seal of Quality program is considered one of the most significant in the market. In the Czech Republic, SGS has the largest independent fuel accredited laboratory, inspection and certification body and engine testing laboratory. Since its inception in 2002, the Seal of Quality program has expanded from the Czech Republic to many other countries, both inside and outside Europe. It brings together the most important gas station operators, who have opted for the highest level of quality monitoring, by an independent party, of fuels sold.

Participants in the Seal of Quality program must undergo a combination of audit surveys and fuel sampling across their networks. Analytical analysis of samples verifies compliance with applicable quality regulations. The scope of the analysis reflects current market developments and responds comprehensively to variations in fuel quality parameters caused by even minor offenses against proper handling or insufficiently rapid seasonal variations.

For more information, please contact:

Ladislav Fuka
Division Manager Oil, Gas & Chemicals
SGS Czech Republic
t: +420 731 429 203

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