In the second installment of our five-part monthly Megatrends series – exploring the transformative global forces impacting the future of business, the economy, industry, society and individuals – we examine population and social trends.

Megatrends have a powerful impact on every aspect of our world, defining our collective future. As a result, governments, NGOs, businesses, society and individuals all have a role to play in understanding and addressing megatrends. At SGS, we are evolving our organization to focus on the underlining issues, risks, challenges and opportunities that megatrends present.

Megatrend: population and social trends

The world’s population is projected to rise by more than 1 billion by the year 2030, bringing the total to over 8 billion, and 97% of this growth will come from emerging or developing countries.

This pace of change poses significant challenges for governments and businesses and empowering the next generation of workers – millennials (born in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s) – is critical to meeting these social challenges. Businesses and communities need strategies that can support the new demographic structure.

How SGS is addressing population and social trends?

SGS is committed to addressing megatrends and believes them to be a fundamental responsibility. One of the many ways that SGS is addressing the population and social trends megatrend is by implementing a strategy to help attract and retain millennial talent.

James Allibon, SGS Global Recruitment Manager, explains: “When recruiting, we put the candidate first by using recruitment tools designed with our audiences’ habits and needs in mind.

“In the case of millennials, we are investigating a tracking application system that is mobile, quick, easy and fully transparent. Millennials are searching for a job that enhances their personal brand while enabling them to make a difference in the world. Attracting millennials will depend on SGS’s ability to illustrate our positive impact on society.

“One of the pillars for SGS’s human resources strategy is talent development and internal mobility, to provide our employees with the right opportunities to learn and grow. The success of this strategy will have a positive impact on the attraction and retention of our millennial talents.”