SGS is pleased to announce the scope of its Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) approval has expanded to include 63 new standards, of which 14 are new to OSHA.

Currently, SGS is the only Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) qualified to test for these safety standards in the USA.

These 14 standards are part of a larger expansion in OSHA-approved capabilities at SGS’s state-of-the-art testing facilities world-wide. “I am excited to announce that SGS’s NRTL program has just expanded, adding 63 new standards to our scope,” said David Chu, SGS EVP for Electrical & Electronic Products. “SGS is committed to providing clients with the best service possible in all of our 20 OSHA approved locations.”

SGS is the only NRTL approved to test to:

  1. UL 6141 – Standard for Wind Turbines Permitting Entry of Personnel
  2. UL 61010-2-020 – Standard for Safety Requirements for Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control, and Laboratory Use – Part 2-020: Particular Requirements for Laboratory Centrifuges
  3. UL 1004-9 – Standard for Form Wound and Medium Voltage Rotating Electrical Machines
  4. UL 3703 – Standard for Solar Trackers
  5. UL 9540 – Standard for Energy Storage Systems and Equipment
  6. In addition, SGS is also the only NRTL qualified to test against various safety standards for electric motor-operated hand-held tools, transportable tools and lawn and garden machinery. These include:

  7. UL 62841-1 – Part 1: General Requirements
  8. UL 62841-2-2 – Part 2-2: Particular Requirements for Hand-Held Screwdrivers and Impact Wrenches
  9. UL 62841-2-4 – Part 2-4: Particular Requirements for Hand-Held Sanders and Polishers Other Than Disc Type
  10. UL 62841-2-5 – Part 2-5: Particular Requirements for Hand-Held Circular Saws
  11. UL 62841-2-9 – Part 2-9: Particular Requirements for Hand-Held Tappers and Threaders
  12. UL 62841-2-14 – Part 2-14: Particular Requirements for Hand-Held Planers
  13. UL 62841-3-1 – Part 3-1: Particular Requirements for Transportable Table Saws
  14. UL 62841-3-9 – Part 3-9: Particular Requirements for Transportable Miter Saws
  15. UL 62841-3-10 – Part 3-10: Particular Requirements for Transportable Cut-Off Machines

SGS has 20 global laboratories that can test and certify to OSHA’s standard including Suwanee, GA, two labs in the UK, one in Germany, two in Finland and four laboratories in China.

In total, the scope of SGS’s NRTL capability has expanded to include 63 new standards, covering a wide range of household appliances, renewable energy equipment, power tools and lighting.

Recognition by OSHA of SGS’s status as an NRTL demonstrates the company’s adherence to the requirements defined under 29 CFR 1910.7. Approval recognizes SGS 20 global laboratories’ capability to perform independent safety testing and certification of the products specified within its scope of recognition.

This is the latest expansion in the scope of OSHA-approved capabilities at SGS’s testing facilities. The NRTL approved laboratories offer a full suite of services and cover a wide range of products including audio-visual, IT, wireless, medical, household, lighting, and other consumer and industrial electrical equipment.

For more information, please contact:

Rachel Nissley
Global Marketing Manager, Electrical and Electronics
SGS North America
t: +1 770 570 1849

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