Earlier this year, the European Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) study management team met in Paris, France, to take time out to discuss key topics, to exchange best practices and to prepare for the new season ahead.


For two days, SGS hosted 10 GLP study directors from its operations in Germany, Poland, the UK and France. Their annual study management team meeting enabled the directors to share their extensive experiences of multisite studies, including field and analytics, and helped to achieve one of their primary goals: the quality of field phases.

Further still, field Principal Investigators (PIs) and field phase coordinators from the company's teams operating in Greece, Germany, Poland, the UK, Italy, Spain, Hungary and France also attended, and with their expertise were able to contribute significantly to the technical discussions.

GLP Trials Now Available in Greece

SGS took this opportunity to officially announce that their GLP trials are now available in Greece too, adding another important location to their already extensive network of sites in Europe.

Each of the countries took time to share updates from their market, including identifying local relevant crops, informing on their current recruitment status, and highlighting new service extensions. The meeting allowed the team to refresh their knowledge on the SGS network of test sites ready for the upcoming season.

Driving Continuous Improvement

To further enable continuous improvement across the sector, the team reviewed client feedback collated from the2018 season. This was pivotal in structuring the discussion for the main focus of the meeting. It helped to define the strengths but also, importantly, to identify areas for improvement.

All attendees shared their best practices to help strengthen SGS's position as a European leader in terrestrial soil dissipation studies.

Customized Studies and a Dedicated Team

The four study management units in Europe, working closely with field teams, laboratories and clients, offer an efficient communication network to implement a customer-tailored approach. With collaboration, ability to react to changing needs, and their respect for important deadlines, the team is agile and committed to the end goal.

SGS offers its clients a dedicated study management team who utilize a consistent set of tools and approaches. The study directors, with their extensive experience, can propose customized programs according to the client's need. They are fully dedicated to their client's study from start to finish, therefore ensuring it is managed and monitored effectively.

SGS is dedicated to GLP and proud to join together experts in this field. The new field station in Greece reinforces SGS’s position in southern Europe and offers clients scope for greater variability in their trials. SGS’s dedicated teams can adapt and modify studies according to client needs demonstrating, once again, why SGS is the world's leader in inspection, verification, testing and certification.

For further information, please contact:

François Gemrot
GLP Study Director - France 
m: +33 6 03 32 32 40

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